Wednesday Circles

If you’re looking for short-term, semester-based studies with others that dive deeper into specific areas of interest, Wednesday Circles are your thing! Each year there’s a Fall and Winter Semester line-up of Wednesday Circles that will help you to Know, Grow, Follow, and Live as a disciple of Jesus. Dive in, and take your next step! Click here to register for the Fall semester of Wednesday Circles.
(ONLY at the Chambersburg / United Worship campus at this time)

Ladies AM Bible Study (LAMBS)
10:AM in Room B20
with Deb Kunkle & Nancy Byers
Conquer your fears—and help others defeat theirs—through this timely study from Dr. David Jeremiah. Relevant Biblical video teaching, coupled with heart-felt small group discussion with other women and in-depth personal study will inspire you to defeat the fear of failure, death, and more. So, what are you afraid of? You have nothing to lose, except your greatest fears!

Christians in the Lions Den
7:PM in the Sanctuary
with Scott Symington
This engaging apologetic workshop with medical physicist, debater, and educator, Scott Symington, will prepare you to give an answer to the hope that you have. Through learning prayerful dependence, simple processes and disarming questions, you can become a Christian that God uses to influence the toughest skeptics and critics of our ‘lions den’ culture.

Holy Hustle
7:PM in Room B8/10
with Crystal Stine & others
We hear the shouts of “Work harder!” in one ear, and the whispers to “Rest more,” in the other. What if God’s plan for us isn’t one way or the other? Enter holy hustle, and experience a renewed peace, reawakened potential, and a redefined purpose through this women’s book study of “Holy Hustle” written by our very own, Crystal Stine. Crystal and her team of holy hustlers will inspire you to find the balance you crave.

Soul Battle
7:PM in Room B9/11
with Carlos Rosado
We face a real spiritual enemy, and a real battle for our very soul. Carlos Rosado, a seasoned spiritual warrior, pastor, and counselor will lead us on a journey to better understand the spiritual battles we face, and how to overcome.

Pray Like This / Dangerous Prayers
7:PM in Room C2
with Jeff Swartz
Prayer…it’s so basic, and yet so misunderstood and underpracticed. Through engaging discussion and video teaching, new believers and veterans alike can grow in their love for God as well as their desire to engage with God in conversation through prayer.

The Real Win
7:PM in Room B5
with Terry Betz & others
Check out how a couple guys talking about the essence of manhood while on hunting and fishing adventures in Texas can help you discover what true success for a Christ-following man looks like. You’ll find out how to win at the things that really matter, and find a brotherhood to help you get there.

A Woman Overwhelmed

7:PM in Room C5
with Penny Metzler & DeEnda Hockenberry
Of all the women in history Mary, the mother of Jesus, knew all too well what it meant to be overwhelmed. She chose however, not to be overwhlemed by life, but by God. Join in with this women’s video-based and personal study of the life of Mary that can transform your focus, your treasures, and your life.

In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart
7:PM in Room B7
with Cindy Marion
We walk a tightrope. On one side is our pain covered up by a smile. On the other, the pain in others we want to help… but how? This book study for women can help you find the courage to break the silence.

Mom Set Free
7:PM in Room B6
with Julie Raleigh & Lauren Vaughn
Moms, are you ready for some relief from the constant pressure, worry, and guilt? This book study will empower you with the confidence of God’s grace and help you to experience the freedom God desires for all of us.

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Sunday Circles

While you’re here for a worship experience, take a step to grow with God’s people through participating in a Sunday Circle!  Take your pick from a larger class setting to small groups, topical studies to video-based discussion to verse-by-verse Bible studies, and more. Click any of the Circle icons for more info and to ‘Join Group,’ or register for Sunday Circles by completing the form below the Sunday Circle list.
(ONLY at the Chambersburg / United Worship campus at this time)

8:15 AM in Room C5
Mike Mowery & Laurie Okuley
Looking for encouragement and support through various life scenarios?  This group from a variety of life-seasons gathering each Sunday morning for an in-depth, topical and verse-by-verse Bible study could be exactly what you’re looking for.

9:45 AM in Room B9/11
Mark Hollar
Forming a firm foundation to build our lives upon is the focus of this mixed group of middle-aged believers.  Come together, pray together, and laugh together with this Sunday Circle that uses topical video-based small group lessons to help build not only a healthy home, but a successful life.

9:45 AM in Room C5
Juanita Kauffman & Judy Orth
Keeping our lives aligned with God’s design takes intentional, focussed attention.  We can’t do it alone, nor are we designed to do so.  Join in with this empty nest season of believers that loves to learn, laugh, and do life together while studying through topical video-based and other small group lessons every Sunday morning.

9:45 AM in Room B5
Pat Brenize & Tom Kennedy
Steady. Dependable. Consistent.  These are the marks of the faithful.  This group of dedicated long-timers in the faith have been through thick and thin, and they have a thing to two to invest into you, as they study through the International Sunday School (ISS) lesson guide in addition to quarterly topical video-based discussions to help anyone to follow Christ…faithfully.

9:45 AM in Room B1
Ron Needy & Issy Hayhurst
Are you looking for a rich, honest, back-to-the-basics approach to living according to the Word of God?  Join in with these seasoned veterans of the faith who value God’s truth more than our opinions.  Take a journey together through weekly lessons and discussions guided by the International Sunday School (ISS) curriculum.

9:45 AM in Room B2
Peggy Pensinger
Tell it how it is, share your story, and meet up with other long time sojourners who love to make God famous with their lives and their proclamation.  You’ll find real conversations about life, God, world events, ISS lesson topics and more in a small group community that is not only faithful to God, but to each other.

9:45 AM in Room B6
Dee Bowen
There’s something rich and life-changing to discover each week, if we take the time to dive deep into Bible study, reflection, prayer, and discussion on what the Scriptures teach us.  There’s always more to learn about the Bible and ourselves in this mixed small group of adults that are learning to live by the Book.

11:15 AM in Room C5
Adam Eichorn
You find a real and honest conversation about what the Bible says, what it means, and how we can experience all that God has in mind for us today in this weekly mixed small group of believers who don’t settle for Christian cliches and pat answers. These Christ-followers want something more as they chew on every morsel of a verse-by-verse banquet of Scripture study.


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