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Jan 12, 2017 | Features

Pointing Leaders Toward Their Maximum Potential

The Grand Point Leadership Network is a gathering of leaders from various community arenas seeking to grow in their leadership potential. The GPLN is specifically focused on the growth and development of leaders. We believe that everyone wins when a leader gets better, so we strive to impact our communities and beyond by impacting the leaders who will shape them.

We want the GPLN to become the place leaders turn to gain clarity, affirmation, and direction on their leadership journey. We long to hear the stories of positive leadership impact and see greater engagement when our leaders are together. Grand Point leaders will be known as people who add value to others, our organizations, and our communities without personal agendas or personal gain.

Develop your leadership connections.  Expand your leadership influence.  Sharpen your leadership skills.

Contact Us

Join us every 3rd Thursday from 7:15-8:30AM in the Multi-Purpose Room at Grand Point Church, Chambersburg

2230 Grand Point Church
Chambersburg, PA 17202

Our Core Values

We Can Learn From Anyone

It takes humility to admit we don’t know everything. We recognize the sanctity, depth, and importance of diversity. We strive to appreciate each person’s experience, background, and worldview with respect to viewpoints that contribute to a better society for everyone.

We Will Add Value to Everyone

In a world packed with people looking after their own interests, we choose to be givers…without words, actions, and resources, as we have the means and opportunity. We will strive to make the most of each opportunity to make someone better off after encountering us.

We Will Invest in Future Generations

Right now is not all there is. The world will keep spinning well after we are gone. May our legacy as leaders be found in those who come after us. We choose to mentor, share what we have, and inspire the next generation to shape the future we dream about today.

We Will Adhere to Biblical Principles

Compassion, justice, truth, love, wisdom, self-control, sacrifice, and redemption are all necessary to survive this human experience. It’s not idealistic or arrogant, these are tried and true ways to live and to lead with harmony, peace, and longevity. We choose to be guided by the Bible.

Our Current Initiatives

The Global Leadership Summit

Thursday-Friday, August 8-9, 2019

You have influence. Join 450,000 of your peers to learn how to expand your leadership influence with two days of world-class leadership training, simulcast at Grand Point Church, Chambersburg.

GPLN Monthly Gatherings

Every 3rd Thursday, 7:15-8:30 AM

Connect with local leaders each month for a brief monthly leadership training breakfast design to develop, expand, and sharpen your leadership potential. This free monthly event is held at Grand Point Church, Chambersburg.

Youth Leadership Development

Sponsoring Teen Leaders to the GLS

As a network we leverage our resources to send teen leaders in our community to the Global Leadership Summit in August each year.

Videos from Past GPLN Events


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