What’s the right age to start thinking about and planning for my spiritual and financial legacy?

How can I avoid taxes on appreciated stocks and securities that I own?

Are you aware you can increase your giving through life insurance?

Are you age 70 and a half and about to begin mandatory withdraws from your retirement (IRA, 401K, etc.)?  Are you aware of the IRS tax advantages through charitable giving?

Is there a way for me to give to my church perpetually after I’m gone?

Legacy Giving can help answer these questions and more.

Legacy Giving is a ministry of Grand Point Church helping people become fulfilled, confident, and generous stewards of God’s resources as He leads in their financial planning and giving for the future. If you are ready to consider your investment to your family or to God’s mission in the world, the Legacy Giving team can help.

We strive to create a ‘no pressure’ atmosphere, because we understand that your decision is between you and God. Our purpose is to assist you in identifying the best avenues to plan for your future giving. Our team functions under the authority of the Grand Point Finance Team and Elders, and our assistance is completely confidential. Let us help you plan each step of your future, and your legacy.

We make giving and leaving a legacy simple.

Let us help you plan each step of your future, and your legacy.


Plan your legacy

Discover the value of special giving and estate planning

Discern future investments for your family and God’s family

Designate gifts to strengthen your church’s spiritual & financial future

Develop confidence about preserving your gifts and legacy

In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the lord has planted for his own glory.
Isaiah 61:3 (NLT)

The Legacy Giving ministry is confidential, and we will not attempt to sell you anything.  At your request we can suggest products, resources, or services that may assist you in accomplishing your goals, but we are only seeking to offer support and direction to individuals and families considering their spiritual and financial legacy.  Any suggestions offered by team members are not an endorsement of a particular company, product, or service from Grand Point Church. Complete the confidential Legacy Giving Connection Card to get started.  A member of the Legacy Giving Team will then contact you to set a time to meet.  Thank you in advance for your interest in Legacy Giving.

Legacy Giving Connection Card