Wednesday Circles

If you’re looking for short-term, semester-based studies with others that dive deeper into specific areas of interest, Wednesday Circles are your thing! Each year there’s a Fall and Winter Semester line-up of Wednesday Circles that will help you to Know, Grow, Follow, and Live as a disciple of Jesus. Dive in, and take your next step!

Fall 2019 Semester: August 28 – November 20

(ONLY at the Chambersburg / United Worship campus at this time at 7:00 PM, unless noted otherwise)

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Making Sense of God (for Everyone)
with Scott Symington, Brian Miller & Dan Culbertson in the Sanctuary
This engaging book study and discussion forum will help shine a light on the profound value, beauty, depth, and importance of Christianity in our lives for both ardent believers and skeptics alike and challenge us to share how we make sense of it all.

Gospel of John: The Way. The Truth. The Life. (for Everyone)
with Dr. Mike Walker in Room B5
Dive into an indepth study of a unique gospel account written by the disciple Jesus loved. Learn how the gospel, understood in its context, brings beauty, life, and salvation to all.

Exploring Israel: The modern relevance of an ancient holy history (for Everyone)
with Alan Mathna & Jake Koser in Room B6
Come explore the roots of our Christian heritage and the unique relationship we have with Israel, while you gain fresh perspective of the various contexts within the Bible.

Conquer Series (for Men)
with Mark Moschetti, Matt Whitmore & others in Room B2
Learn the proven strategies and practical tools to equip men to conquer pornography and sexual sin for good! This powerful DVD Bible centered cinematic experience will help men walk in freedom and lead others to freedom as a result.

James (for Men)
with Terry Betz in Room B9/11
Our faith…works! This is the essence of the book of James writtn by a man who would have known better, the brother of Jesus! Practical wisdom, rich theology, and a fixed focus on following Jesus… this video based Bible book study for men will immerse you in all three.

Igniting a Passion for Prayer (for Women)
with Penny Metzler & Diane Musser in Room C5
Wherever you are with prayer, this video-based discussion study will help you cultivate a more intimate relationship with God. You’ll experience a simple process and a variety of prayer activities and resources you can use personally and in your ministry.

Mastermind: Change your thinking, Change your life (for Women)
with DeEnda Hockenberry in Room B8/10
This interactive video-based study will help us shine a light on the strongholds that hold us down and give us the tools we need to rewire our brain and become the women God designed us to be —all through the power of Christ and practical tools anyone can learn!

20 Ways to Make Every Day Better (for Women)
with Peggy Horn & Susan Rosenberg 
It’s not about what’s happening around us, it’s about what He can do within us. Join this book discussion group for women and begin the life that you were meant to lead.  Starting now, you can make each moment count for the better.

A Woman Overwhelmed (for Women)
10:AM in Room B20 with Deb Kunkle & Nancy Byers
Mary, the mother of Jesus knew all too well what it meant to be overwhelmed, but she chose not to be overwhlemed by life, but by God. Join in with this women’s video-based and personal study of Mary’s life that can transform your own.

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Sunday Circles

While you’re here for a worship experience, take a step to grow with God’s people through participating in a Sunday Circle!  Take your pick from a larger class setting to small groups, topical studies to video-based discussion to verse-by-verse Bible studies, and more. Click any of the Circle icons for more info and to ‘Join Group,’ or register for Sunday Circles by completing the form below the Sunday Circle list.
(ONLY at the Chambersburg / United Worship campus at this time)

8:15 AM in Room C5
Mike Mowery & Laurie Okuley
Looking for encouragement and support through various life scenarios?  This group from a variety of life-seasons gathering each Sunday morning for an in-depth, topical and verse-by-verse Bible study could be exactly what you’re looking for.

9:45 AM in Room B9/11
Mark Hollar
Forming a firm foundation to build our lives upon is the focus of this mixed group of middle-aged believers.  Come together, pray together, and laugh together with this Sunday Circle that uses topical video-based small group lessons to help build not only a healthy home, but a successful life.

9:45 AM in Room C5
Judy Orth
Keeping our lives aligned with God’s design takes intentional, focussed attention.  We can’t do it alone, nor are we designed to do so.  Join in with this diverse group of believers that love to learn, laugh, and do life together while studying through topical video-based and other small group lessons every Sunday morning.

9:45 AM in Room B5
Pat Brenize & Tom Kennedy
Steady. Dependable. Consistent.  These are the marks of the faithful.  This group of dedicated long-timers in the faith have been through thick and thin, and they have a thing to two to invest into you, as they study through the International Sunday School (ISS) lesson guide in addition to quarterly topical video-based discussions to help anyone to follow Christ…faithfully.

9:45 AM in Room B1
Ron Needy & Issy Hayhurst
Are you looking for a rich, honest, back-to-the-basics approach to living according to the Word of God?  Join in with these seasoned veterans of the faith who value God’s truth more than our opinions.  Take a journey together through weekly lessons and discussions guided by the International Sunday School (ISS) curriculum.

9:45 AM in Room B2
Peggy Pensinger
Tell it how it is, share your story, and meet up with other long time sojourners who love to make God famous with their lives and their proclamation.  You’ll find real conversations about life, God, world events, ISS lesson topics and more in a small group community that is not only faithful to God, but to each other.

9:45 AM in Room B6
Dee Bowen
There’s something rich and life-changing to discover each week, if we take the time to dive deep into Bible study, reflection, prayer, and discussion on what the Scriptures teach us.  There’s always more to learn about the Bible and ourselves in this mixed small group of adults that are learning to live by the Book.

11:15 AM in Room C5
Adam Eichorn
You find a real and honest conversation about what the Bible says, what it means, and how we can experience all that God has in mind for us today in this weekly mixed small group of believers who don’t settle for Christian cliches and pat answers. These Christ-followers want something more as they chew on every morsel of a verse-by-verse banquet of Scripture study.


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