Established in 1850 in Chambersburg, PA, the Grand Point Church story is all about transformation. We believe in the power of a personal encounter with Jesus Christ to change lives and impact communities. We exist to help as many people as possible take their next steps to find and follow Jesus. Our journey as a church is rooted in a rich history of faith and a passionate desire to reach the world with the love of Christ.

Our approach to ministry is simple yet powerful: We want to meet people where they are and lead them to where God wants them to be. We understand that everyone has a unique story, with joys and struggles, victories and defeats. It is in the midst of these stories that we see God’s transformative power at work. We offer a variety of ministries, programs, and services designed to address the needs of individuals and families in every season of life.

When you step into our worship services, you’ll experience a dynamic and uplifting environment where we wholeheartedly engage in heartfelt worship, biblical teaching, and authentic community. Our desire is to create a space where you can encounter God in a real and life-changing way. Whether through powerful worship music, thought-provoking messages, or genuine connections with others, our aim is to draw you closer to the heart of God.

Beyond our walls, we are passionate about reaching our community and making a tangible impact in the world. We actively seek opportunities to serve and demonstrate God’s love in practical ways. From local outreach projects to global missions initiatives, we believe that we are called to be a light in the darkness and bring hope to those who need it most.

At Grand Point Church, we embrace a culture of authenticity, grace, and growth. We are imperfect people on a journey of faith, learning to trust God and follow His lead. We believe that God’s love is for everyone, regardless of past mistakes or current circumstances. We invite you to come as you are, without judgment or pretense, and discover the incredible love and grace that God has for you.

Together, we are writing a new chapter in the story of Grand Point Church—one marked by lives transformed, communities impacted, and God’s Kingdom advancing. We invite you to join us on this incredible journey of faith, hope, and love. Together, let’s pursue God, grow in our relationship with Him, and make a lasting difference in the world around us.

Welcome to Grand Point Church—where lives are transformed and God’s love is made known.