Pastoral Counseling

If you’re looking for help navigating the challenges of life, pastoral counseling can provide assistance from a biblical perspective with the process of healing, recovery, and growth. To speak with one of the Grand Point pastors, please contact the church office at 717-263-9523 or email for more information and to schedule an appointment.


Christian Clinical Counseling

For those seeking professional counseling, Grand Point Church has a resident counselor who will meet with clients at the church. Our counselor embraces the values of GPC and appropriately integrate Christian principles with evidence-based clinical counseling methods and practices. To schedule an appointment with the GPC counselor, contact the church office at 717-263-9523 or email


Pre-marital Counseling

If you are planning a wedding that is officiated by a GPC pastor, you will be required to attend the pre-marital counseling group class led by members of the GPC pastoral and counseling staff. The officiating pastor will also meet with the couple individually, to get to know you and to plan the wedding ceremony.

The pre-marital counseling experience explores each person’s faith and history. It helps the couple examine personal convictions, expectations, and responsibilities. More than anything, premarital counseling aims to produce a marriage that is biblical and God-honoring.

To inquire about a wedding, and pre-marital counseling, contact the church office at 717-263-9523 or email