Message Description

Every new year well-intended resolutions are made by people just like us hoping to improve some area of life. Resolutions range from diet changes, physical exercise, financial freedom, business goals, and church attendance. But as we know, many resolutions are short-lived because we are thinking too big, not ready for the change, or we are not considering the “why” behind the resolution.

Whether church attendance and/or participation is a new resolution or a continued commitment, we are planning to begin a new year together by considering the “why” behind what we do. In other words, What’s the Point?

This series will include:
Jan 7 –  What’s the point of gathering?
Jan 14 – What’s the point of preaching?
Jan 21 – What’s the point of singing?
Jan 28 – What’s the point of financial giving?
Feb 4 – What’s the point of serving?
Feb 11 – What’s the point of communion/baptism?

Considering and understanding the “why” behind CHURCH is a simple, powerful, and actionable idea that connects us with the heart of God and his plan to redeem the world. We hope you can join us at the point as we begin a new year together being the church!