Grow together as a circle of friends.

Whether you’re looking to join a Circle, start one yourself, or take yours to the next level, there’s a key question you might have:

What makes a small group work?

It might seem unlikely or even a bit intimidating to bring together a group of people who range in interests, personalities, or life experiences. But in this four week small group journey, we conduct an experiment that’s just crazy enough to work. Through watching four videos of complete strangers who start doing life together, your small group can learn the secret of growing together with vision and purpose to build a life-changing, Christ-centered circle of friends.

Download the free Belong promo materials and content videos here.


How to start a Circle:

  1. Review and complete the Circle Start-up Form.
  2. Complete the Your Circle Plan form and discuss your plan with one of our Circle coaches or coordinators.
  3. Invite potential participants and begin meeting.

The process to start a Circle goes much smoother when you have potential participants in mind, however based on the requests for Circles we receive, we can help fill up your Circle if you are open to that or if you need assistance.

For more information or to get started, contact your Grand Point Campus Circle Coordinator, or
Doug Coldsmith, Discipleship Director: ; 717-263-9523




Download the Belong study guides: