Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of online giving?

There are several benefits to online giving for both you and the church.

  • Simplicity – You will not need to remember if you gave this month or pay period, or send your offering checks when you are out of town.
  • Security – Online giving is more secure than giving with a check in that an electronic gift can’t be lost or stolen. For additional information on how Grand Point Church keeps your information and contributions secure, click here.
  • No Distractions – Instead of needing to worry about writing your contribution check during the service, you can be fully engaged with the worship service, knowing that you have already given your offering.
  • Helping Grand Point – Online contributions require less processing from our administrative and volunteer staff since the information is logged to your donor record and deposited automatically.

Q: Is it safe to give online?

Yes. In many ways giving online is safer than writing a check because an electronic gift cannot be lost or stolen. The security of the system is continually managed by our online provider, Pushpay. To find out more about your security click here.

Q: What types of bank accounts can I give from?

You can give online from your checking account using your bank routing and account numbers.

Q: Can I give using a credit or debit card?

Grand Point encourages practices that promote healthy personal finances, which includes the role of debt instruments.  For debit cards, just like with a check, be sure there are sufficient funds in your account to cover the transaction.  For credit cards, we recommend that you only use a credit card in online giving if you faithfully pay off the balance on that card every month.  Many people use their credit card in order to take advantage of reward programs. Again, we ask that you only use this option if you can fully pay off the balance every month.

Q: I currently use my bank’s online bill pay feature for my donations. How is this different and should I switch?

You do not necessarily need to switch. Grand Point online giving is different from your bank’s online bill pay feature in two ways: First, with Grand Point’s system, donations are immediately recorded to the church and your giving history at the time of your contribution whereas your bank takes time (several days) to process and mail a check to the church. Secondly, Grand Point online giving is processed electronically, so there is no need for our contributions volunteers to handle a physical check.

Q: Are there any fees involved with giving online?

Not to you. You will not pay any fees with an online gift. In addition, online gifts are a more cost efficient and convenient way for the church to process donations.

Q: Can I make a one-time contribution?

Yes. The system allows you the option of either making a one-time contribution or setting up a recurring contribution. For recurring contributions, you can schedule the contributions to come out of your bank account or credit/debit card on the date(s) specified by you.

Q: If I want to set-up a recurring gift, what are my options for frequency of my gift?

For recurring gifts, you have the option of giving weekly, monthly, twice a month (1st and 15th) or every two weeks. You may also specify the starting date for your recurring gifts.

Q: Can I change my personal information or the amount or the frequency of my gift once I have set it up?

Yes. You can change or cancel your contribution at any time before the date of your next scheduled contribution (once a contribution has been processed it cannot be canceled). Simply log in to the system using your user name and password and make the necessary changes in the system.

Q: Can I review my donation history online?

Yes. The site will allow you to view the complete history of your contributions, given either online or otherwise.

Q: Will I still receive regular contribution statements from the church?

You will still receive a printed contribution statement mailed to your postal address.  However, when you create a Pushpay account, you have the opportunity to view your giving history at any time.

Q: When will contributions be taken from my account?

Contributions will be taken from your specified bank account within 2 business days of the date you requested. This time frame allows time for the contribution to process through your bank and the church’s bank. If the date of your contribution falls on a weekend or a holiday, the transaction will be initiated on the next banking day.

Q: Can I designate my gift to a particular ministry or account?

Yes, you can designate your gift to go toward one of the following accounts:

  • General Fund:  This supports the ministries, staff and general operation of our church.
  • 12:24 Missions Fund:  Based on the verse in John 12:24, this supports the local, domestic and overseas missionaries of Grand Point, as well as our vision for a broader Cross Cultural, Multi-Site Campus, and Strategic Partnership Multiplication.
  • Deacons Fund:  This supports people in our church family experiencing temporary financial hardship.

We may also add additional accounts at specific times.  If you don’t know which one to choose, please consider giving to “General Fund”.

Q: How will I know that I set up my gift correctly?

Very shortly after submitting your contribution, you will receive an e-mail verifying your contribution and you will see it in your giving history online.

Q: Does it matter which Internet browser I use?

No.  Any browser will work, including later-model mobile devices.

Q: Can I give by online or paper check?

Yes, you can give via online or paper check. If you’d like to write a paper check, please send it via mail, deliver it in person, or place it in an offering plate during one of our services. Our address is:

Grand Point Church
2230 Grand Point Road
Chambersburg, PA 17202

Q: I have additional questions about online giving that have not been addressed. Who can I talk to?

For any questions, concerns or comments about the online giving system, please contact You will receive a response as soon as possible.