In the past year, individuals at GPC experienced a renewed faith, restored marriages, or new trajectories for life. We give God all the glory, but we also want to acknowledge that God uses people to impact other people! In 2023 that’s exactly what you did. You made an impact!

On average:

  • 1,849 attended services at a campus each weekend
  • 145 households watched our weekly livestream to hear the message of Jesus
  • 53 were baptized at GPC
  • 555 were involved in small groups
  • 114 were on serving in adult discipleship

Our giving totaled $3,083,077, enabling us to not just cover our operating expenses, but to make a significant impact in our vision lanes. This past year, your generosity enabled us to pay off our building debt, allowing us to operate debt-free for the first time since 2006!

In 2024, we believe God is going to do even more in and through our church. With a growing membership and what God is calling us to do through our vision lanes, we can’t wait to see all He has planned for us in the next season of our ministry.

Thank you for your ongoing support and generosity. Let’s continue to follow Jesus and seek Him in everything we do.

Lawrence Metzler
Lead Pastor

Download the 2023 Vision Weekend Booklet